Sunday, June 29, 2008

Year Two ...

This is the second year of the first garden I started from scratch. I am pleased with how it's looking and filling out. The building was originally a chicken coop that was converted to a potting shed. First we fixed the building, then....time for a garden! There was a large rose bush where the pump is now that we just moved. I think I will mulch an oval area around the pump as I know we won't weed whack around it!

The right side will fill in more as the summer progresses. I tried marine bells last year and loved how they mounded so I planted them at the front edge of both sides again. The sun drops are huge this year and I love Apple's foxglove behind them. The fever few in the back by the windows should bloom soon. I have little white markers where I planted dahlia bulbs. They should look nice with the marine bells infront.

The left side has really filled out. I did lose one of my three delphiniums so there is a small replacement out front. Last year the pink daisies didn't bloom but they are putting on quite a show this year! I have no idea what the tall white flower to the left of the pink daisies are. It was a plant swap flower that was not marked. I have asked my gardening friends but no one is familiar with it. If none of you know, I will have to break out the gardening books to figure it out! The window boxes have water wells in the bottom which saves me some watering.

A few close ups....


  1. Looking great. Does the water pump work?

  2. Country Girl, it's such a charming scene - and you have so much space that I'm jealous! Is the pump the main source of water for the flowers?

    Your tall plant is probably Valeriana officianalis. A couple of years ago Elizabeth from Gardening While Intoxicated asked the same question. It must like New York State!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. I second the Valeriana officianalis

    While it's a bit hard to make out in the enlarged photo it does look like it.

    Your garden is looking good. Everything looks happy. All I can suggest is doubling the size. You're going to need it. Those ditch lilies will soon reach critical mass and explode :)

  4. I think my sister has been tied up at work again. I believe that the pump is purely decorative right now but I'm sure she'll let us know in a day or two. It isn't very far from the pump house.

    Thanks for the plant identification - now I know what I'll be getting when she has enough to divide.


  5. Yes, it's been one of those weeks at work. Apple's correct, the pump is purely decorative. We got it on a trip to Lancaster last year. It didn't get put out until this year year as Ron had plans to make it functional but he ran out of time. He finally cracked and let me put it out! There is actually a water spicket in the little building you see but there is a hole in the pipe so we keep the water off. That's on the list as well. LOL. Thank you for identification! It IS good for Apple to know what she will be getting! It's great to have a sister that loves to swap plants!