Saturday, June 28, 2008

Orange Sunshine

The ditch lilies here decided to start blooming for my first day of 

summer vacation so it's official, summer is finally here.

 Much to my delight they are as tall as me this year.

I wasn't thrilled with the image upload in the new post editor (Blogger in Draft) when working on my genealogy blog but I must say that it is going to be a great tool for inserting pictures where you want them on garden blogs! The drag and drop feature is great too and the images load much more quickly. But be warned - The auto save feature is currently disabled, so save as draft frequently!!! I've lost two posts and had to start over because of this.


  1. Those common orange daylilies really are thriving this year. I don't recall ever seeing them so tall.

  2. Mine are quite tall but everything seems taller this year. Maybe it's the constant rain w've been having.