Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden

This is the third year for my garden and every morning I take a walk around, amazed at how quickly it has changed and filled in. I've made plenty of mistakes and I expect I'll make plenty more but over all I am absolutely thrilled with the garden this year.

The space between the house and the garage was the perfect spot for a butterfly garden. I decided to throw in a few plants to attract humming birds too. One of my first purchases was three tiny Red Husker Penstemons from a mail order company known for low prices. The first year they stayed small and green but not knowing any better I figured that was normal. The second year they stayed green and sent up thin stalks that waved in the breeze. Instead of the white flowers I had expected I got dozens of flowers of a color I can't name. Sometimes they seem red, other days dark pink and today I guess I'd describe them as a rich coral. So I have no idea what variety they actually are but the hummingbirds love them. After my initial disappointment that I didn't get what I ordered, so do I.

They are planted at the back of the butterfly
puddle that has become more of a rock pile.

A longer view of the bed.

Can you see the hummingbird?

Close up the flowers appear to be grinning.


  1. I think I see the hummingbird. It's like a Where's Waldo picture. Top center, right?

  2. That garden is my favorite of ours although, some of your other areas are close behind. I don't mind not knowing the exact variety of passalongs I get, LOL I hope you have luck muliplying them, they are beautiful!