Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spring Must Be Close!

I've decided to reopen My Sister's Garden earlier than planned because I've been in a gardening frame of mind lately. Our gardens are still covered with snow and more is expected today but the groundhog in my backyard did not see his shadow on the 2nd so I'm counting on an early spring!

The CNY Blooms show is fast approaching - February 28 to March 2nd. Country Girl and I were disappointed with the show last year. I just checked out their web page and it looks like they may have addressed some of the crowding issues that bothered us with a revised floor plan. Even if we don't enjoy the show any more than we did last year it would be fun to have a girls day out!


  1. Glad you're back posting. This is the time of year we gardeners most crave reading about gardening, so there's lots of activity in the blogosphere.
    Hopefully the show will meet your expectations better than last year!

  2. It's hard not to get into gardening a frame of mind with all the new things showing up in stores and the garden blogosphere all a buzz with activity despite the winter blahs.

  3. Jodi and Curtis,
    Thanks for stopping by! The trouble with thinking about gardening this early is that we still have at least two more months of winter to get through and it just makes the weather that much more depressing.

  4. Well it's not too far away and a girls' day out would be a nice diversion. Maybe it'll turn out better than last year, with a bit of luck.

  5. If you go, Apple, wouldn't it be fun for you and Country Girl to wear shirts with the blog address on them? Put on the hats and go! You might become Syracuse celebrities ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. I'm having a bit of e-mail issue: incoming fine, go. So it's up to you gals for the overnight issue. Let me know.

  7. It's great to see someone so close to home. I laugh when I lead people from Long Island through the state when I try to explain where I’m from.

    where are you from?
    …northern NY
    … no, a lot farther north than that
    …no, about 4 hours more north
    Ah, Buffalo
    … no no no, Buffalo is west of Albany. I’m 20 miles from Canada, it’s just a hour drive north to Ottawa
    …OK how about the 1000 Islands
    I won’t eat it
    …How about the St. Lawrence Seaway?
    …Adirondack Mountains?
    …OK just north of them
    AH so it’s how far?
    …400 miles
    You drove that far?
    …hold tongue and don’t say - ‘no I walked’

    Hope you have a fun girls day out. I'll warn you know - you'll see more of me again.

  8. Gardening shows are problematic for many reasons--but the bigger ones (bigger than our 3 upstate NY ones) have more high-end, spectacle-type stuff and better speakers, like the Renegade Gardener and Barbara Damrosch. I'm checking out Canada Blooms in TO this year, though I will remain faithful to our local one.