Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garden Walk

Country Girl and I are really looking forward to this weekend and our trip to Buffalo. No husbands or kids and more gardens than we'll have time to see. The local weather forecasters are predicting lots of rain for Saturday so I'm hoping that it stays east of Buffalo but we'll still have a great time even if we have to dodge a few rain drops.

With my summer job I'm in too much pain to get much done in the garden at the end of the day and not being home this weekend I'm certain the weeds will finally completely take over the front bed. The rest of the garden is looking good and it really is wonderful to come home after a long day and just enjoy it rather then feeling like I have to get something done. The datura should bloom tomorrow. I don't have any Monarch cats yet but I expect some soon. There seem to be fewer beetles and the coneflowers are looking pretty. They are so much bigger than I expected! My pink butterfly bush has gotten huge but not a single bloom yet. The yellow daylilies that I got from BJ and Angie are orange. lol Poor things will have to be moved for a 4th time I guess or maybe the color combination will grow on me. There is plenty to do but for the next couple of weeks I'll concentrate on planning and relaxing.


  1. Oh, lucky you going to Garden Walk! I'll be thinking of you and Country Girl taking in all those gardens. As for your garden at home, just don't think about it!

  2. You're already on your way by now, Apple and Country Girl! I'm looking forward to your posts and hope it's all wonderful and very, very dishy.

    Envious Annie at the Transplantable Rose