Saturday, July 28, 2007

Garden Walk Day 1

We arrived in Buffalo about 10:30 this morning as I promptly made a wrong turn. But that was OK because we ended up in the Historic West Village. Other Walkers gave us some tips, the area was not crowded and we were quite surprised to still be downtown! Mike, one of the homeowners, gave us some great tips and a little history of the area. We so enjoyed our chat with him that we didn't remember to take any pictures. His garden was great and he got our day off to a great start. Thanks Mike!

Altogether we saw about 75 gardens today. Besides the gardens officially on the tour there were several others that we were able to enjoy as well. We also enjoyed a great variety of architecture. The crowds in the Allentown and Cottage areas were a bit overwhelming for us. We were beat when we got back to the hotel. We're resting up and looking forward to more gardens in the morning. We'll be posting lots of pictures in the days to come but here are a few from today. The connection at the hotel is very slow and we don;t want to push our luck.

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  1. 75 gardens in one day?? They wouldn't have gotten me out of the hot tub after that! Great photos, and what a lot to take in.