Sunday, July 29, 2007

Garden Walk Day 2

ETA: If you've landed here from the Garden Walk site, Welcome! We will be posting more about GW. To see all of our posts about GW click on the Garden Walk tag at the end of this post. If you would like a link to all of the pictures we took (400+!) leave a comment and we'll send you a link.

Our hotel turned out to be great. We had the pool and hot tub all to ourselves which worked wonders on our sore muscles. We stayed out by the airport, an area that I am very familiar with from the years I spent in Akron.

I may have lived in Akron several years but I rarely had occasion to drive into Buffalo. I had a basic knowledge of the layout of the city and a good map and still managed to get mixed up when we started out this morning. Country Girl was a patient navigator and we arrived at our first stop promptly at 10:00 AM.

The gardens today were less crowded so we enjoyed the day more even though we started out tired. We loved the gardens but we enjoyed the varied architecture just as much. We took about 300 pictures and it will take a few days to sort through them so today I will share some of the buildings I enjoyed.


  1. I am so sorry I did not meet you both---your name tags were lonely at the party!

    But I am thrilled you saw so much. Your pictures are wonderful I will share this post with the other Buffalo gardeners.



  2. Hey, I did do up name tags for you! I was was looking forwad to meeting other Rant readers. The Rant writers are only SO interesting, and they're nothing without their readers.

    What happened? Chippewa Street partying? Stuck dining in one of our great restaurants? Get lost in a one-way maze of streets? One of the gardeners keep you too long talking about their garden? Heat stroke?

  3. I'm going to add a link from the Garden Walk site, under "Afterglow...". Your pictures are great. Not typical Garden Walk shots. It's good to see our city/Walk as viewed by a visitor.

  4. Elizabeth,
    We were really looking forward to the party and hopefully we can meet some other time.

    If we'd been partying it would have been with you guys! I'd blame it on Terry Ettinger as something always comes up when I plan to be at an event where he'll be but since I didn't know he'd be there.... Actually we had a bit of a family emergency back home. Everything turned out fine in the end but for a while we thought we'd have to head home and the hotel seemed like the best place to wait for news. Thanks for the link. We'll be posting lots of pictures. We did actually take some of gardens. :)

  5. Apple, these are great shots! I'll take that Georgian beauty with the balustraded fence. Wow, what fun to see all this in person! And what a lot of stamina you needed.