Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Favorite Garden on the Garden Walk

This was my favorite garden from the tour; It was amazing! We never would have found it but for a "hot tip" we received from a Garden Walk host that spent some time chatting with us early on Saturday. He told us this was a "must see" and it definitely was! This was in an area where the gardens were not as concentrated. We made it our first stop Sunday so we wouldn't miss it. I loved the house and the garden! This was our first view...does wow sum it up?

I liked how they mixed some yarrow in with their goose necks. There were so many great ideas!

The next two are the homeowners views from their front porch. Wouldn't you just love to relax with that view after a day of puttering in the garden?

There wasn't a space that didn't come alive with color!

I loved how the trumpet vines welcomed us to the back yard...

Another relaxing haven awaited us....

The sound of the water trickling into the pond made me want to sit and spend day enjoying this garden. I think this was the garden where some of the fish are over 10 years old but don't quote me...we saw A LOT of gardens! lol


  1. Hi CountryGirl,

    You and Apple saw some spectacular gardens! I like all the big walkways leading up to the porches.

    Do you think everyone makes their gardens to peak at this time of year? Were there any evergreen plants or shrubs, or would these gardens just be brown squares filled with dormant perennials in winter?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Very nice! Probably looks more cool and refreshing than it actually was. My favorite part would be relaxing in the shade.

    My great grandfather used to have beautiful rock gardens in Rochester, NY. My mom has old photos.

  3. Hi Annie - I bet some do target them to peak for the tour but there were signs of other perennials just past their time. Not every garden was this colorful either, you could tell some were just for the homeowners enjoyment and there were plants that would bloom at various times through the season. Many of the gardens were just the perennials and no shrubs but many were small lots so I could see why they would do that. The larger gardens did have shrubs that would give interest in the winter.

    Hi Martha - Maybe you could give us a tour of your grandfathers rock garden in one of your posts someday. I would love to see it. Gardens are one thing that are timeless.

  4. Countrygirl, thanks for taking so many pictures! I envied the two of you being able to go to Garden Walk. Did you take notes or rely on your camera for to record the inspirations? My head would be swimming with all the ideas. Great post!

  5. Come check out the garden. I just wish it had color but we'll just have to imagine.