Thursday, July 19, 2007

Three Guys and Two Toys....

So what do you get when you combine three guys, a mini backhoe and a tractor? You get your pipe fixed! Happy day!!!!!! We have had a broken pipe in this section of the yard since we moved in. That meant no running water outside unless you went into the basement and stuck your hand in a hole with who knows what critter in there, turned it on, did what you needed to and then quick turned it off before the well went dry. Now we have water to the the barn and we can hook up the hose to the spicket in the yard. There is a spicket in the green house as well. That has a bunch of pinhole leaks but Ron has assured me he will fix it (even if he can't use a back hoe to do it.) Once that is done, I can use a hose again, no more hauling water, I'll be living large! Of course, my mind is also traveling ahead to actually using the greenhouse now that we are getting it fixed up and knowing there will be water right there! Could it get any better?


  1. With my darling's toys comes more mess. He means well, but I just can't keep up with his sawing of logs and tearing up of the yard. Actually, it's looking much better now than it did a month ago. Maybe there is hope after all.

  2. Outside water is a huge blessing. We went without for a bit too. The plumber who hooked up our town water cut off the pipe and never reattached the outside water. My husband eventually reattached just that to the well. No mixing of waters, only the outside spigots make our pump run.