Sunday, June 17, 2007

Critter Control

Back in early March, Country Girl and I went to the CNY Blooms show. While there we attended Rececca Kolls seminar and she gave us a tip to get rid of moles and voles and other critters that I have been just desperate enough to try. The critters have erected a tunnel and runway system throughout the front and side of the house that has damaged or killed several plants.

The tip? Human urine. She joked that you could just have all the males in your household practice their aim in your garden. John however didn't think that getting arrested for indecent exposure was such a great idea and having the boys "water" for me didn't seem like a great idea either. So we'll ignore collection and distribution technique's and move on to the results.

The moles do move on from any area that I treat. But since I'm not killing them, they just move to another section of the garden so I am kind of chasing them around the house. Hopefully they'll get the message soon and move out into the lawn where they belong! The plants that seem to be the favorites of bunnies haven't suffered so much as a nibble which I am very happy about and there have been no signs of deer visits. The issue right now seems to be quantity so I'm off to make another pot of coffee.


  1. Too funny. I've heard of this method but haven't tried it!

  2. This method was recommended for groundhogs back in Illinois, but we were told that beer [rather than coffee] could increase the quantity. I'm not sure it really worked, Apple, but it didn't hurt, either!