Friday, June 15, 2007

Heirloom Blooms

We always had peonies in the back yard while we were growing up. After they were done blooming Mom would mow right over them and every year they'd come back. Two years ago she was no longer interested in keeping the one remaining bush and let me dig it out. I divided it into three and last year got just one bloom. I'm thrilled that all three have bloomed this year.

This one is near the back door where I walk by several times daily.

This one is not as happy looking but still blooming.

The third one only has one bloom so far. The foxglove in front just started blooming yesterday. The foxglove I found growing at the edge of the woods and moved to the garden.

BJ and Angie decided they wanted to rip out everything the previous owner had planted along their front porch and start from scratch. So of course I helped myself. I was quite surprised by this bloom yesterday.

The columbine that Country Girl gave me last year is still full of blooms.

I'm loving this little patch of salvia, tickseed and dianthus right now.

Delphinium started from seed last year.

A huge patch of daisies. Another gift from Country Girl.

Blanket flower started from seed last year. I moved this to the new bed at the back of the house and now every bloom is facing towards the house.

St. John's wort shrub. I just bought this last weekend. It's supposed to get 5' tall and wide, covered with this little flowers.

Also blooming:
Bleeding heart
Pincushion flower
Stella D'oro lilies
other day lilies

Tanks to Carol for hosting the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. You left a comment that it isn't fair that my zone 5 garden is ahead of your zone 5 garden. Well I don't think it is fair that you have peonies blooming now. Mine have been "done" for weeks. LOL!

    All your flowers look great. Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

  2. Your depfinium is great! I can't believe you started that from a seed just last year!

  3. Great looking blooms in your garden. It was nice to visit.

  4. Your peonies are wonderful, mine are long gone. Lots of pink blooms in your garden, lovely! You've sown and grown your own Delphiniums, I'm impressed! Thanks for all the pics of your lovely flowers, I enjoyed them. BTW my blooms are up too, if you're interested.

  5. Gorgeous flowers. I don't have a garden right now, but my brother grows heirloom roses in New Jersey. He was even featured in Martha Stewart's magazine!

  6. Beautiful flowers! I love your greenhouse, you guys have done a wonderful job with the restoration.
    Thanks for visiting Robin's nesting place, and for leaving a comment. It was nice to find your blog and I definitely shall return.

  7. Hi Apple -- thanks for visiting my blog. I'm lucky I had the gardens already and I told my husband I ahve 2 choices: 1) pour concrete over it or 2) become a gardener. I chose #2.

    But I wanted to ask, do you have problems with your oxeye (?) daisies? I have them and they constantly flop over and make my garden bed look so messy I'm tempted to pull them out. Any advice?