Monday, April 9, 2007

A walk by the creek.

When we had a few nice days the weekend before last, we went down to check out the creek that borders our land. It is about twice as wide as it normally is due to all the melting snow. The water was running fairly fast in some areas and were were thinking what great tubing it would make if it wasn't so cold! There are several large trees forming a little dam where the creek curves. The water is still running there but nature has made a new path. The creek splits off a bit North of the blockage and a mini bed that normally would only have water in the spring and dry up in the summer is taking on much of the water. It is almost as wide as the original path and the water is running faster there. It will be interesting to see how it all will look when things have settled down a bit. I will miss the bend in the creek if the new split takes dominance but it may be a good thing since the field floods every spring with the force of the high waters. The new creek path diverts the water away from where it comes up into the field.

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  1. I like these pictures much better than Spring Flowers? Please try to take more from the same spots as things begin to turn green. Thank you for the lovely pictures,