Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Blooms Report

For this edition of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I finally have have buds! The first three pictures are of the crocuses that I planted in the fall. The last is a snowdrop that I found growing out near the edge of the woods. I didn't plant it so it was a nice surprise. I took these pictures yesterday which was a good thing since the ground is covered with snow again this morning.

Country Girl has crocuses. And the galanthus are still blooming up her way.

Our Mom, in Syracuse, has had daffodil buds for almost three weeks now. They just don't seem willing to open up. I guess they know more bad weather is coming and are patiently waiting it out.

I checked my archives from last year. Since I only started my garden last year there was nothing blooming but we had done all of the yard clean-up both here and at Mom's. The new beds were being started. We had an outdoor Easter Egg hunt and the kids were already playing baseball in the backyard.

It was also about this time last year that John made my composter. Since the contents haven't turned into compost yet I must be doing something wrong. Hopefully next weekend I can finally get to work!


  1. Apple, Thank you for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, and for 3 gardens! It's amazing that you are just now seeing crocuses... spring comes slowly to your neck of the woods, it seems.

    And don't worry about the compost, sometimes it just takes time to work its magic, depending on what you put it in it. You'll get your reward from it in time. (And that will be a great day for you when you see that "black gold"!)

  2. Hello Apple and Country Girl,

    Spring sure is tardy for you this year. Maybe you could think of the crocus and snowdrop flowers as air kisses being blown to you by Mother Nature, with the big hugs and kisses coming soon ~

    We don't have luck with snowdrops and crocus in Austin - so you're one up in the bulb department already. Hang in there girls!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. It's surprising to see everyone's flowers this April, and what a mixed variety. You garden is just coming into bloom, my snowdrops are long gone, just the leaves left to store up energy. Hope spring comes quickly to you!

  4. Hi Apple and Country Girl: Sorry to hear about the weather...this is an odd year. Enjoyed your post, though...and imagine, a wild snowdrop! I would be beside myself! Looking forward to reading about your garden as it wakes up and finally shrugs off winter!

  5. Apple,
    the same thing happened to my crocus! They just stopped where they were! Snow fell on them and then melted. The sun hit them today and they came out!
    I am hoping you aren't getting any of that snow we have been watching the east coast getting socked!!
    (I deleted that post. I think it was too harsh and it didn't mention all my fav blogs, [like you!], but writing it and deleting it made me feel better!!)