Sunday, March 25, 2007

Signs of Spring!

For those of you that check out Apple's other blog, "Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree" you will see she has a "Dreaming of Spring" post. My poor sister is still buried under the white stuff! I can't post photos over there and just had to show off my snowdrops (Galanthus) that are blooming in the grass (yes Apple, we can see grass here again!!!!) I thought I was the one in zone 4 and you were in 5???? Spring really is on the way for us, hold on!!!


  1. Spring only lasted a week here now it feels like summer. I still have bulbs on their way up and they are wilting from the heat. Enjoy that spring weather while you can. I think it will be a hot summer.

  2. It's the deep snows that give Apple her zone 5 and some areas in Oswego bordering Lake Ontario are even zone 6.

    As much as I would love to grow zone 5/6 plants, I would not like dealing with the snows that would push me down a couple of zones.

    Such a pretty clump of Galanthus, I hope you brought some inside to enjoy.