Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gardening Friends Get Together

It was great to see everyone from the garden club again! It's seems much longer than two months since I have seen everyone. We had a great turn out and a few new people signed up. It is always fun to make new Gardening Friends. We have another great year planned with speakers, road trips, plant and book exchanges, our flower show, the Garden Tour and Happy Day the Garden Tea is back!

Our President arranged to have a yoga teacher come in and show us some stretches we could do before and after gardening. We have a gamut of ages and personalities in the club and was it a riot! I have to say I was surprised that almost all participated. There were all kinds of cracks throughout the whole demonstration! A few people had some bones make that cracking sound but most of it was the kidding that went back and forth. Poor Pete will be reminded of his bones cracking for many meetings to come, I'm glad he's such a good sport and enjoys the fun of it all! The instructor was a great and I think she was thrilled everyone got into it. One of the exercises made us all look silly but it really seemed to work. It was a cool down you can do. You relax your body and roll your tongue, now that your tongue is sticking out of your mouth and rolled up suck air in through it. Now close your mouth and breath the air out through your nose. It did seem to cool us down after we did it a few times and was fun to watch everyone trying to roll their tongues!


  1. I cannot imagine my garden club doing that. They are all very old folks!

  2. I take yoga once a week. It can be hilarious. The trick is not to let the other people in the class know you're laughing.