Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Winter's Damage

The snow banks are shrinking back and starting to reveal the edges of the garden. What critter is living here and how many of my bulbs and plants did it feast on over the winter?I'm hoping there isn't more damage to this rhododendron. I still can't see any of my azaleas.
There are glory of the snow planted just under the bit of green at the bottom of the picture. Hopefully they'll be up sometime next week.

Three delphiniums and a datura germinated 3/23.
Only 1/2 of the marigolds germinated so I have seeded more.
One of the kid's zinnia didn't germinate so I added new seed to their pot.


  1. I hope the critter didn't eat all the bulbs. Someone gave me an entire box of marigolds and I plan on tilling them in on Saturday. I should end up with a very large patch of flowers.I will mix in some zinias and some butterfly weed. That should bring the little butterflys in. I noticed you like butterflys. Check out the picture under greg's general store from my blog.

  2. It's so hard to believe anything would be green under that snow!!
    I am definetly going to try more azaelas, this year!

  3. Mine have almost finished blooming. I think the snow keeps the plant at 32 degrees so it actually helps them out.