Friday, August 15, 2008

An old Friend

The ditch lilies surround their old friend and were here when we bought the place. I wonder just how many years they have been there. I love this old tree and marvel at how large it is (someday, I should measure it.) Sometimes when we get a really windy storm, I hold my breath a bit. It's a big one should it ever come down but I love it and the shade it provides. There are actually two maples in front of the house (the other isn't quite as large as this one.) Then there are two that are similar in size down the way just a bit but still by the road.

An old timer once told me it was a tradition to plant two trees to represent the couple that built the house and then subsequent pairs were planted as a new generations took over the home. I have seen trees planted in pairs with smaller trees in pairs just like we have in this area. I have no idea if it's true but I like the lore of the story. I can just image when this tree was just a sapling being planted so many years ago. Perhaps it was planted in the late 1800's to celebrate this home being built and a new beginning for a family.


  1. What a beautiful tree!...we have 16-1/2 acres here and only a couple of very "thick" trees..being as they've grown so close together in the woods...I'm like you...I start thinking and wondering about what was here 200 years ago.

  2. We have two big old maple trees in front of our house. I wonder who planted them and what their story was. If only the house could talk.

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.