Saturday, August 2, 2008

Assembly Required

Assembly required - Do those two works strike fear into the heart of anyone else? John and I have had to put together quite a few things in our 25+ years together and things don't always go well, leaving us annoyed with each other.

My garden cart came last week and I'm very happy that it went together easily in a little over an hour. There were a couple of left over parts but it was easy to see where they went.

I can't wait to start using it!


  1. The new cart looks good Apple - especially when full of plants! I hope the wheels make it easy to steer and haul around. Your story of putting things together makes me remember a long ago BBQ grill that didn't go well.

    Your photos of the Buffalo upper porches were great in the last post - it's a very interesting style of house - and unusual.

    Oh man- just saw your weather widget...66°F at 9 in the morning. It was still 83°F at midnight, and will be over 100°F yet again today. I can't remember what the sixties feel like.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. The garden cart looks great! How fun to have won the contest.

    I must say your comment snapshots are posing a challange for me. It doesn't like to let me in to the comment box. Is there a trick to it? Or maybe I'm just a natural blonde?

  3. Annie - I think our biggest put-it-together nightmare was our present grill and it is on it's last legs. I plan to be out of town when it's time to put the next one together! lol

    I know it is too hot where you are but I've been having to wear a jacket to work in the morning and I'm not happy about it.

    I'm sorry that snapshots are giving you a problem. They sometimes get in my way to. Perhaps it is time to do away with them.


  4. Lucky you! That looks like a handy cart, and it sure is pretty filled with plants. I'll bet you're enjoying it!