Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visiting in the Garden

The summer seems to be flying by. Over a week ago Country Girl and I had the opportunity to meet Martha in person. Her daughter was at a camp not too terribly far from us so she and her son were able to stop for a couple of hours one afternoon.

We had an enjoyable afternoon visiting in the back yard. Martha is just as pleasant and down to earth in person as she is on her blog. Maybe we will be able to get together again next year.

This past week I went back to work as they were short handed. The hours aren't bad but it has certainly thrown off my schedule. Country Girl is still working long hours but hopefully that will change soon.

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  1. I have decided that meeting up with blog friends is rather enjoyable. I was feeling a little funny bringing Ben along unexpected, but everything worked out.

    I've planted my Oswego Tea and found a cute little garden shop out in Wolcott where I picked up a few plants on Sunday afternoon, just a dollar each, and a nice hanging pink geranium for five dollars. My hummingbird thinks it rather nice.

    Thank you again for the visit. We will have to do it again.