Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystery Color Revealed

The Asiatic lily that I picked up on sale last year has bloomed and it's a pretty one! I was certain that it would be orange or yellow, neither are favorite colors of mine. I've read that Asiatics don't have much of a scent but this one is very nice - if you get down on your knees. It's only 12" tall!

I don't have much any experience with lilies but the foliage on this one is different than any others I've seen. And I thought it would be much taller.

From where I sit to have my morning coffee it's hard to see. After it is done blooming I'll be moving someplace where it will be able to show off a bit more.

1 comment:

  1. Your pretty pink lily reminds me that I planted a similar colored one last summer after buying it for church at Easter. Where I put it is a mystery. I haven't found it yet! The leaves on yours are certainly different from any I've seen. Glad it turned out to be pink :)