Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Mystery Garden

Well it's not much of a mystery anymore but that's what I've been calling this little garden.

Ron dug up this area sometime last summer. My kitchen table sits by the double windows that overlook the area. I love water features and thought how wonderful it would be to have a garden with a fountain below the window. I could relax at the table and enjoy the flowers along with the sound of trickling water (last summer I made Apple crazy with my hunt for just the right fountain but I digress...) Unfortunately things got busy and I didn't have many extra plants so the area sat there for awhile but the weeds were happy.

I found my fountain and it makes the nicest little trickle sound as a fountain should. Apple gave me a yellow lily and some liatrice from her garden. A friend gave me a hosta and some Giant Solomon's Seal. I found the blue salvia at the farmers market and had to try it after seeing it at Cornell Plantations. I also bought some Russian sage and a pink coreopsis that is now blooming.

I had seven plants I could identify. The rest were mysteries by the time I planted the garden. Apple and I went to visit Kerri of Colors of the Garden last year and she sent me home with some treasures. We also had a plant swap at the Garden Club at the end of the year and I am always getting pass-a-longs from friends. Life was crazy so everything ended up in this area which was really a holding bed, not a garden. I of course didn't label anything and couldn't remember what I had been given. This spring I dug everything up and rearranged it. Apple suggested I mark my path BEFORE planting which worked out well. Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious for some of us. LOL. I'm so glad I have a sister with good advice! Since I couldn't remember what was what, I just plunked things here and there and figured I would move things as they bloomed if they didn't fit.

Now some of the mysteries are solved. There are shasta daisies and gloriosa daisies from Kerri - Thank you again Kerri! Some phlox, two iris', coral bells, and I suppose, a few more mysteries yet to be revealed....

I'm sure I will add to this space and move things over time. I also want to add a chair so I can sit and enjoy the sound of the fountain and read a book. I'm not sure about the "stepping stones". Maybe it's because I know they are old tiles a friend gave me but they will work for now.


  1. I wish I'd taken my own advice about marking a path first! I did it in the one bed but not the other and really wish I had. I like the tiles and I think as the bed fills in you will be too.

  2. Putting in a fountain was one of the best things we've ever done - bet you will just love your fountain, Country Girl, and that Apple is right about the plants making a pretty surround for it.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. It's hard waiting for all the plants to fill out, isn't it? But as Apple and Annie said, your path will look good when they do. I love your fountain and am curious about how it works.
    Your garden looks lovely, and you're very welcome for the plants. There's plenty more where they came from!! :)
    Your lily is blooming and looking very pretty. I keep missing the best flowers with my camera, but will keep trying. Is that the same one pictured here? Thanks so much. I think of you whenever I look at's a nice reminder of our fun day :)
    Apple's foxglove have been gorgeous!

  4. Hi Apple - I have more of those tiles if you need

    Hi Annie - I do love the fountain, I find the sound very relaxing! Franklin's new game is to walk around the bottom base and play in the water in the top portion. It's only a matter of time before Ron catches him and turns it on when he's on there!

    Hi Kerri - Yes, it will fill out eventually and it's fun to look back on an area and see it change in fill in. You are a so sweet about the plants! The lily pictured is the same one I brought you. I had an extra when I split it. Ron's rasberries are coming up through the middle of the original again so I may be digging the poor thing up a second time. I also need to split another lily that I love. I will save you some in a pot if I every get around to it. At this point, it may be next spring!