Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Cart Full of Favorites

Elizabeth at Garden Rant is having a contest to give away five Troy-bilt garden carts and I sure could use one. This is what I'd be using now if it didn't have a flat tire again. It was left as junk by the previous owner and John keeps repairing it for me. It won't be long before the plastic will have to be held together with duct tape.

So, the contest. I have five (5) to give away so your chances are good. I had a few ideas for possible comment tasks, including writing a classic sonnet and describing and solving the most important issue facing home gardeners today. But, in the end, I came up with this: list your five favorite plants (presumably that you could put in this cart) and briefly explain why they'd be the ones you'd rescue from your garden if it was threatened by catastrophe. Or just say why you like them. Troy-Bilt will send a cart each to the five best comments, as determined by me (representing Garden Rant).
I wouldn't have had a prayer of winning one if I'd had to write a sonnet but listing my five favorites plants can't be that hard, can it? Wait a minute - just five!?

#5 - Crocuses. They are the first plants I see here in the spring and give me hope that the snow won't last into June. They wouldn't take up much room in the cart - instead I'd use the cart to shovel off my flower beds into the cart and haul the nasty white stuff away. I could have blooms two weeks earlier like everyone in town!

#4 - Monarda / Beebalm / Oswego Tea. I love everything about this plant; the bright red color, the way it spreads without taking over, it's tall, lasts all summer and the mint scent is wonderful. It also blooms right around the 4th of July here and the flower heads look like miniature fireworks.

#3 - Daylilies. My goal is to have enough varieties to bloom all season long. The season is so short here that shouldn't be hard. I love the grace of the flowers and variety of colors. If I could save just one it would be this one that I have no name for. Why this one? Besides the great color combination, it was a gift from my sister.

#2- Peonies. We had very few flowers when I was growing up but we always had peonies. The flowers are huge and just scream "Happy Spring" to me. Even after the flowers are done they stay attractive for the entire summer and they are virtually care free. Mom's peony now resides in my garden and if I could rescue only one, that would be it. I do have several others however and some of them need to be moved so the cart would get a workout.

#1- Hosta. Even before I started gardening I had hostas. They grow in the shade but don't mind a bit of sun, weeds don't grow under them, they come in so many sizes that there is one for most any spot. I love the mounded shape and even though I'm not a big fan of the flowers they attract hummingbirds. They are quite hard to kill, although I have lost one called First Frost. A plant by that name probably had no business being in my garden anyway. I need to rearrange my front bed and the cart (and a small crane) would come in very handy for moving this hosta that is competing for space with the bleeding heart.


  1. I won't enter, knowing my luck I might win. I just bought a huge 2 wheel wheelbarrow and would hate to think I spent the money for no good reason :)

  2. If you win the cart we want photos of you using it to haul away the white stuff, Apple! Good luck ;-]

    I saved a daylily, too - no peonies to rescue unfortunately.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Wiseacre - The lass competition the better! I've been on a lucky streak lately. Haven't heard who the winners are yet but I've got my fingers crossed!

    Annie - If I win you'll see it hauling white stuff and lots more. Good luck to you too.

  4. Apple!! I just saw the post on Garden Rant and am so excited to read that you won. I think it's going to be a wonderful help for you. Yea!


  5. I guess Texas was a bit far away to hear me shouting :-) I am quite excited!

  6. It's a great list, Apple. No wonder you won a cart!
    The red monarda isn't invasive for you? I have to pull it out madly, otherwise it would take over the whole 'Lilac Garden'. Other places it behaves itself better. It really loves compost, and doesn't seem to like too much moisture, so I guess that's probably why it spreads so quickly in that garden.
    CG's lily is blooming in my garden too this summer :) I'm happy to see the transplants from my garden in both of your gardens. Is that Catherine Woodbury (the pink daylily in your collage) I see blooming? I still have one last foxglove of yours flowering at the moment. They've been beautiful. Thanks again :)
    Does your Gallardia winter over? Mine didn't come back, sad to say. I've had them do that before for a winter or two.

  7. Hi Kerri,
    The red monarda does spread fast but there is always someone that wants some so it gets thinned regularly. It is much easier to pull than the pink!

    The pink daylily is Josie Bennett (I hope I spelled that correctly). CG ended up with two from the Rochester trip last year and gave me one.

    Everything you gave me seems to be doing well. The yarrow is just budding here and I hope it will bloom with the butterfly bushes.

    I'm sorry the Gallardia didn't come back for you. They do so well here that I had to thin them already.

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