Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Signs of Life

The temperature soared into the mid 60's yesterday and we finally had some melting. It's cooler again today and although temperatures are predicted to be in the 40's and 50's it's going to take awhile to finish melting what we have left. A mere 3 miles south and the snow is almost gone.

2 April 2008

John cleared off the rhododendrons as best he could.
30 March 2008

Strawberries at the very edge of the bed.
30 March 2008

There isn't much more showing yet. I'm hoping to see crocuses next week. I'm recording where the beds clear first so I can plant bulbs in the fall for earlier blooms next year!


  1. I can't believe you still have that much snow! We have mud and grass and more mud!

  2. Thats alot of snow but atleast you have those pretty Crocus.