Saturday, March 29, 2008

Surprise Snowdrops

My yard is still buried under snow. But when I was at Mom's this week I happened to look out the back window and thought I saw a snowdrop out at the back corner of the yard. I grabbed the camera and went for a look. Sure enough there were a few scattered in with the myrtle.

Neither Country Girl or I planted them.
There aren't any in the neighbors yard.
I love volunteers!

Her daffodils are just starting to come up too.
Instead of being upset that I won't have and spring blooms for at least two weeks I'm going to look at it as getting to have spring twice!


  1. We finally hit the upper 40s. Let's hope the snow is gone for good. The daffs have popped through the soil and so have the tulips. All a good sign but we've been fooled before.

  2. My snowdrops look so awful. Its almost worse than having no flowers at all.