Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Bed Done

The weather continues to be amazing here! The small bed behind the garage is done. The little windflowers here are already finished and the grape hyacinths are just starting to bloom. Both of the clematis that I planted last year looked dead a couple of weeks ago but are now sending out new growth like crazy. The iris that Kerri gave me last year are doing well. I did lose one of the Silver Beacon lamium but the other two are doing well and hopefully will spread. The Asiatic lilies that I bought on clearance are coming up and it will be interesting to see what color they are. The three little yellow mums that I put in at the end of the bed are alive but not looking great. Bargain Outlets has a little birdbath that I've had my eye on so I hope to pick that up on Monday. Maybe I can think of something more attractive than an old milk jug to dip water into it. Then all I'll need is to pick up a fuschia and put up the screen room and I'll have a pretty place to spend my evenings.


  1. Did you get any wild thunderstorms? It was incredible here! I haven't seen such lightening or heard such thunder in a long time! I hope you didn't set up your screen room just yet. I am loving the flowers and greenery and discovered some dogtooth violets in my garden this year.

  2. I had some clearence Lilies I left in their 4 inch pots on the ground all winter. I never got around planting them and figured they were dead but to my surprise they are emerging from pernament dormancy.

    This long warm spell we're having really got things growing. With the rain we're having now things should really be kicked into high gear. I only wish it wouldn't rain on the lawn.

  3. Don't you feel satisfied when it all comes together? It's a good feeling.
    I like your black iron trellis on the white garage. Nice.

  4. Martha,
    We had over three hours of steady rain but the thunder was off in the distance. The screen room is still safely in the shed but with our new method of anchoring it I don't worry about it blowing away anymore. I've never seen a dogtooth violet around here. Volunteers are wonderful!

    I still have a couple of things that I never got out of their pots last year so I'm ahead of the game for the two plant swaps and garden club plant sale next month. My husband agrees that the lawn didn't really need all that rain. The push mower is still in the shop.

    Jane Marie,
    Thank you. I like the contrast. They are actually four of the eight corner pieces from a screen room that the wind destroyed a couple of years ago.

  5. That rain was awful, wasn't it!?! I spent the day weeding and making mud pies as I planted my new rose bushs near our new arbor. Will post more about it tomarrow. Love the completed bed.

    Just one question...If you hang up a milk jug does a cow come along and fill it? HeeHee.

  6. I was just planting some Dahlias outside today. I am just about done with the bed, but want to plant some more Heuchera's like key lime.

  7. You've been tagged for a photo Meme!

  8. Apple I have plenty of wild violets...I'll give you some next time we see each other.
    Isn't it a good feeling to get a garden done? I did well with that nice weather we had, but the weeds are growing quickly again after the rain.
    So glad to hear the iris are doing well and that your clematises are alive and well. I think one of my new ones is dead, but I'm still hoping to see it appear.
    I'm looking for a new birdbath too.
    I hope everything grows beautifully for you and that you enjoy some peaceful evenings in your screen room when you get it set up.

  9. Hi Apple,

    I've been out of town and off the internet so came here the time since you posted this new garden has probably started to fill out - I hope your clematis appreciate the cool trellis and wall! We also have a black trellis against a white wall and I love the contrast of the clematis leaves against the B/W.

    Bargain lilies can be wonderful - bet you'll have some good ones.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose