Monday, October 15, 2007

October Blooms

Amazingly, we still have not had a frost here in Snowville, so there are still lots of flowers. The weather is turning cooler and we've started on some fall chores. The screen room has been emptied of everything except the heavy iron glider. Hopefully the boys will be able to help John move it to the shed. We've been having lake effect rain and things have been busy at work so I haven't done much in the garden.

Most of what's blooming is either still blooming or reblooming. I only have three new blooms for this month. I was told that the first one was toadflax but after reading Carol's post I realize it could be a toad lily.

Toad lily? obtained in Sept at
Garden Club plant exchange

"Dollar store" mum bought spring 2006.
Started blooming a full month after my other mums.

Scarlet sage about to bloom. I planted this in 2006 but not
this year. I thought this was monarda coming up in this pot and
left it. This must be from seeds that fell in this pot last year.

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  1. That somewhat looks like a toad lily to me, but I'm no expert. Regardless, it's pretty and it blooms in the fall when "new" blooms are scarce. I'm happy the frost held off for you, it looks like a lot is still in bloom!

    Thanks for posting for GBBD.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. I have scarlet sage growing from seed in my garden too. They must germinate rather easily considering the dry weather we've had here in Indy. I've been collecting seeds to scatter next spring.

  3. Lake effect rain... Our grass is longer now than it has been all summer. It's nice and green now too!

  4. I agree with Carol that your first plant pictured is a Toad Lily. What a cool find it must have been to see the Red Salvia reseeding. I love finding little surprises like this.

    You are so lucky not to have been hit by frost yet. We've had several nights of it, including last night. I was relieved not to have to haul in any plants tonight!

  5. I'm glad my new swing isn't made or iron, I'd never have gotten it hauled into the garage by myself! Cool toad lily, though I don't think I've ever seen one in person.

  6. The flowers are not looking so happy any longer...