Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Wildflowers

The fall wildflowers are really starting to put on their show.

I've never seen a spider this color before. He was hanging out right at the edge of the lawn in the above picture.

I neglected the front border terribly this year and this was my reward!

After I read this post by Lost Roses I cut all of my hollyhocks to the ground when they were pretty much done and they are just starting to rebloom.

Ummm. I think this is a weed. The plant marker at the top right was put there when I planted seeds which were either hollyhocks or delphiniums. I know its not either. Since I'm not sure what it is, I'll leave it for now. Can anyone identify it?


  1. Apple, I can't say whether it's a weed, but it sure isn't a hollyhock or delphinium.

    Your spider photo is great!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. I think it's a weed. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in my garden, but I'm not absolutely positive. Definitely not either of the 2 you planted.
    I didn't know that about Hollyhocks. Reblooms are a nice bonus!
    That's a neat photo of the spider. They hang out here too and I usually leave them be. They do have a pretty pattern :)
    I have some neglected spots too, but I'm working on catching up with them. We've been doing more planting of passalongs, 2 new roses and expanding a couple of gardens by a little bit. The weather has been great and the rain is very welcome!!

  3. I have had rebloom too, at the bottom--I never knew that would happen with hollyhocks.

  4. Love the colorful spider! It would
    make a great jewelry design!