Sunday, June 3, 2007


I enjoyed the April/May Garden's Book Club selection, Passalong Plants. I experienced quite a bit of zone envy as many of the plants that most interested me won't grow here but discovered that some of those do grow here as annuals.

The first time I heard the term, passalong, was last summer. One of the gardens on our club's Garden Tour was described as a passalong garden. It was beautiful.

I only started gardening last year. Prior to that I had nicely landscaped homes with a few well positioned shrubs, a hosta or two with some annuals thrown in. If it weren't for passalongs my garden would be looking pretty empty. Here's a sampling of the plants I've been fortunate to recieve.

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  1. Your slide show is cool, I finally was able to view it. Your lupines look great! I can't believe the blooms are the big after just one year!