Monday, June 4, 2007

Making A Comeback

This little rosebush is making a comeback. It was here when we moved in and turns out it was a pass along plant. Annie in Austin had a cool post about pass along plants and had a few stories about some of hers that have traveled with her and been passed back and forth. I recently found out that Mr. Miller who mows for us actually passed the rosebush onto the couple that lived here before us. Mr. Miller used to live down the road and the Hunter's lived here 50 years before they sold to us. Mr. Miller was born and raised where he lived so it could have fairly old origins. I am a relatively new gardener and decided to give it some rose food a couple years ago. I think I burned it because it just never was right after that and it looked half dead the last two years. It is a beautiful bush and I just couldn't rip it out. I kept hoping it would come back but six feet of branches with just a leaf here and there wasn't very promising. I cut it way down this year and found a bit of growth at the bottom. Now it seems to be doing very well and it's making a comeback. I think Mr. Miller is pleased as well. It's not only a beautiful bush but a reminder of his old friends.


  1. Have you ever seen it in bloom, countrygirl? It does look pretty healthy now and it would be great to see some buds. Here's hoping!

  2. Hi Countrygirl - I'm glad you liked my story, and hope you end up with some blossoms on your passalong rose. Some roses them bloom on new wood and some only bloom on wood that's been on the plant a year or so. Maybe next year will be the lucky one!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Hi Lostroses - I have seen it bloom, it has a mass of hot pink roses. It's not like any rose bush I've ever seen, it is about 18" wide at the bottom and maybe
    2-2 1/2' across the top, 5-6' high. It's very pretty.

    Hi Annie - I'm so glad you mentioned some roses bloom on older wood. I will try to be content if it just keeps looking healthier even it doesn't bloom this year.