Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Holding Pattern

Two of us post here and yet it has been ten days since we've had anything to say. There really hasn't been much to write about. Spring is definitely here but everything is behind. We've both got our clean-up chores caught up and it's too early to plant much - we can have frost until the end of May. Of 15 tulips only 2 have buds! Only one of the daffodils has a bud. I bought a tiny azalea in bloom just to have a bit of color.

The perennials are starting to come up. I was getting worried about some of them. The columbine that Country Girl gave me is coming back nicely, the plant I bought is not showing any signs of life. The pink astilbe that I've had two years is just starting to come up, the two red ones I planted last year are so far MIA. No sign of any milkweed yet but I have some started inside. The moles have tunnels all over but for the most part I don't think they've hurt much.

BJ decided he wanted a fresh start on the very narrow strip in front of his porch so John and I went over and started digging. I got lots of day lilies that I think are yellow, two peonies and three mystery plants. He still has at least one climbing rose that he doesn't want so I will try and get it later this week. There are a few more mystery plants that I'll probably take even with John questioning whether or not I have him digging up weeds. I have dozens of pictures taken at BJ's but none show the plants in bloom!

I'll be planting more bulbs in the fall so that next spring I'll hopefully have more plants to keep me company in April and May.


  1. That sounds like a good plan - for both Apple and Country Girl, to enjoy what you have and plan for next year. That way you get the pleasure of watching things improve and change.

    I've seen some instant, expensive gardens that were pretty, but there was no sense of development and drama and increasing beauty each year. Ya'll do want the drama part, don't you ;-)


  2. I am so sorry spring is taking so long!
    I am hoping winter didn't wipe out too many of your plants, girls!!
    Columbine is something I have always wanted to grow, it looks so delicate!

  3. I found you on Greg's blog.
    Here, mid-way across Lake Ontario (south side) my first tulip of the season is blooming! The lilacs are working as fast as they can to see if they can make the Lilac Fesival in time. And, there are a few fruit trees actually starting to bloom. I think they're peaches. Still 17 days til we can plant the garden, huh? Guess its time to start up the tiller.