Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mass of Color

I love large clumps of one flower. The ox-eyed daisies started blooming a couple of days ago and are looking great right now. The trouble with them is that they won't look so great when they're done blooming. I had decided to rip them out and move them this year when they are done but now that they are blooming I can't imagine not having them here for their early blooms. I guess I just need to find a better way to screen the patch when they're done.

These iris are still giving me lots of joy. I will be moving the larger clump along the side of the house sometime in July but where ever they end up it will be as a large group. I love this passalong variety becase they multiply so quickly.

This group of pink foxglove should look great in a week or two. The ones County Girl has from this patch are already blooming. I have dozens of seedlings all over that I will use to create another large clump someplace. I'm waiting to plant the phlox in the background until the heat breaks since it seems happy where it is.

I love lupines! This grouping is not exciting me however. There were lots of seedlings this year and I have moved some into this area and several into the nightmare bed in hopes of having a spectacular display next year.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the daisies. My Shastas look messy for a good part of the summer. I dug out so many in the fall and that garden still seems to be full of them. I'll have to dig out some more. They sure do look pretty right now though, with pink columbine blooming among them.
    The foxglove you gave me is huge, and about to bloom. I can't wait to see the color.
    Did your Gallardia come back? Mine didn't, sad to say.
    I love your clump of iris...great color!
    Ross and I noticed the lupins bending toward the sun. Do yours do that? They look long-necked birds :)

  2. I'm sorry your Gallardia didn't come back. Mine came back in the spot I thought I'd moved it all to and where it was originally so I've been potting it up to sell at the Relay for Life this weekend.

    I hope the foxglove seeds for you like it does here. I have a beautiful patch this year.

    I haven't noticed the lupines follow the sun but when it gets very hot they look like they are trying to bend into an S shape. The high winds blew most of the flowers right off :(