Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Surprise

I bought this Penstemon in Buffalo last year. The tag color indicated that it would be a very bright pink. I didn't need another bright pink flower but the hummingbirds love the flowers so I bought it anyway.

It started blooming on Saturday. The color of each flower starts out a pale pink near the stem and becomes light purple at the end.

This is one of those rare occasions that I'm thrilled with a miss marked plant!


  1. Rarely does false advertising result in a good outcome. Good for you. I like the purple/pink combo better too.

  2. I got some that day as well but mine still hasn't bloomed. I don't want to hear how your blooms are behind everyone anymore! LOL If I have pink WE can trade right? I love having a sister with a garden I can raid!

  3. How awesome for you that you got good results out of false tagging.