Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sad Azaleas

My light pink azalea came through the winter fine and is very pretty this year. I have three other bushes and they didn't fare nearly as well.

This one is white and has buds on it for the first time since I bought it. It doesn't have a lot of buds and it is a bit scraggly.

This one is a darker pink and although it was quite small when I bought it last year it had leaves and a pretty shape. It's hard to tell it's an azalea unless you get up close.

My favorite plant, which is a coral color that usually blooms after the pink is a very sorry sight indeed. This was a gift from my daughter when I first started gardening. The first year something (or someone) stepped on it and broke off a large section. It still bloomed and later started healing and filling in the bare spot. I was certain it had recovered and would be a show piece this year. It has a few buds and some new leaves but it is a very very sad thing to look at.

This is how it looked last year.

I don't know why three of my plants are looking so sorry this year. I guess I'll plan to cut them back hard after they bloom and do some reading to see if I need to add something to the soil.


  1. Your azaleas are no more or less sad than mine! Seems like mine get scragglier-lookin' every year.

  2. I would have thought with the snow cover your azaleas would have faired better this year. How's the soil ph? It might be a combination of witer cold and high pH that takes a slow toll on yours.

    I'm a bit farther north and the soil around here is pretty sweet so those look normal to me :( My wife loves them so every once in a while we plant some 'annual' azaleas.

  3. My one Azalea is called Stewartstonian. For two out to the 3 years I've had it the only blooms have been low down on the bush, and just a small patch. I don't know how to make it bloom all over. They like acid soil and I plan to feed it with some Miracid that I have. I've also been sprinking the used coffee grounds around it.
    Tricky things in this climate apparently.