Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Blooms

The Relay for Life team at work sold these potted daffodils as a fundraiser. It is much too warm for them in the house so I don;t expect them to last very long but I'm enjoying them. I don't know if forced bulbs will make the transition to the garden but it can't hurt to try. I'm hopeful that I'll have outdoor bulbs for April's GBBD. Head on over to May Dreams Gardens for lots of blooming posts.

Country Girl and I are headed to Rochester later today for GardenScape. I'm looking forward to a day with her!


  1. They look so nice when they are tall and straight .. but you are right .. too much warmth and they will sway ? a little .. still very pretty though !

  2. They might not last long in the house, but if you plant the bulbs outside when they are spent, you'll have blooms next spring in the garden.

  3. Joy,
    Any color other than white is treasured right now. I'll probably pick up something else for in the house when they are done.

    Jane Marie,
    I have tried planting other forced bulbs in the garden with mixed results. They had beautiful masses of these at the garden show yesterday so I hope they do reappear in the garden next year!


  4. LOL any color but white is right!

    Who knows, the way things are going the snow may never melt and you won't get a chance to plant them outdoors. They'll do fine planted outside and may be this time next year you'll get to see them sprouting.

    Have fun going to Rochester.

  5. At least you have a little bit of blooming sunshine in the house right now.

  6. They're so cheerful, Apple! I'd sure try them outside, maybe with a liquid foliar feed when you plant them so the leaves have a chance to rebuild the bulb?
    Good luck - I envy you the day with your sister.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. They're just beautiful Apple. I've kept some cut daffs out on the covered side porch...trying to make them last 2 Sundays in church. They may even make it for a third. I'm surprised! We can still enjoy seeing them through the kitchen window.
    It may take 2 years before your daffs bloom again, but they surely will eventually.
    Did I say happy Easter last night when I visited? I can't remember. Anyway, stay warm (ha!), and enjoy your family! xoxox

  8. After they are done blooming, give them as much sun as possible and fertilize sparingly. You want to feed the bulbs as much as possible. If the leaves are still green when you want to put them in the ground, harden them off first like any other plant. Otherwise, let them get brown and die back and then plant them in the ground.