Tuesday, February 26, 2008

County Girl's Six Unimportant Things

I am still having trouble leaving comments and posting in the blogging world so I am asking Apple to post this for me. Robbinscabin asked where my list of six unimportant things about me was. For some reason the idea amused me a bit so I asked Ron for some ideas and he thought for a minute and said, "why there is nothing unimportant about you." Is that smooth or what? I know he could come up with a list quicker than I did but here are a few of the ones I thought of....

1.) I never learned to drive a stick shift (though Apple did try her best to teach me, that poor car!)

2.) My right foot is longer than my left foot.

3.) My first "real" job was working at McDonalds.

4.) I love brownies.

5.) I drive an hour to and from work (on good weather days...lol)

6.) I REALLY, REALLY don't like mice.


  1. So you don't like Mickey, huh? I never would've guessed! Is it a grudge from childhood? LOL. 6 things I didn't know about you and now I do. I'll probably forget soon though...

  2. That was a smooth answer, for sure. He must have been wanting brownies too, or at least brownie points.

    I have one foot longer than the other too. I think that must be pretty common, probably why they always check to make sure that the shoes you buy are both the same size.

  3. Ron IS smooth. I could learn from him.

    One foot is longer than the other? You're a freak. How do you buy shoes?

  4. I can picture those driving lessons :) I really sympathize on that long drive! Ron knows how to score brownie points, doesn't he? He's very, very smooth :)
    I'm chuckling about you not liking mice....