Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week in the Garden

I had a couple of days to really work in the garden this week. So what did I get done? Lots!

  • Several buckets full of weeds have been added to the compost pile.
  • New Raspberry beebalm planted
  • New Hall's honeysuckle planted
  • Liatris volunteers moved
  • Red beebalm moved to two new spots
  • Blanket flower & Liatris volunteers potted up for friends
  • New Mums planted
  • Pink azalea moved
  • New salvia planted
  • Caught up with dead heading
  • Two strawflowers moved
  • Hollyhocks cut down
  • Gladiolas; some staked, others labeled and cut
  • Rose of Sharon seedling from Garden Walk planted
  • New Asiatic lilies planted
  • Moved some foxglove
  • Finished adding newspaper and mulch to back bed.


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done! I'm so glad that we are not only sisters, but "friends" as well. I don't have any blanket flower...

  2. Apple, you're making me tired! That's quite a laundry list of items you can check off. I applaud your energy!

  3. I was going to say, "Are we ever caught up in the garden?" but then, looking at your list... well, that's a ton of work so maybe you are after all! :)