Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy Summer!

I haven't been posting much or visiting my favorite blogs as often as I would like lately. It's been a busy summer between projects here at the house, get aways, picnics, weddings, etc... Just this morning, Apple and I went on really cool garden tour. Ron is off to get Liz so we can all go to his Mom's for the weekend (I'm supposed to be packing right I shouldn't be blogging but I can pack very quickly!) I have had a lot of great opportunities for fun this summer and I'm taking full advantage! I will be around more down the road but for now I am off again. I will be checking in periodically to see what everyone's been up to.

We finally got the new arbor and replacement fence up. It was one of those projects that wasn't as easy as we anticipated but everything is lined up now and I am pleased. This is the first year my "out house" flowers bloomed. I put them by the fence in case they needed staking. This garden needs to be added to next year. There isn't a lot of color now and I lost some plants that had height behind the fence. Planning a few additions and changes will be a good winter project.

My clematis is having a good year. I love the coneflowers, I wish they would spead like the bee balm does!


  1. Hi Country Girl,

    The arbor and fence look pretty perfect all by themselves - nice structure.

    If your coneflowers are like mine - they won't spread, but boy do they make seedlings! You may have lots of them next year.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. I had a great time on the tour this morning - I wish my pictures had turned out better. I spent the rest of the day in the garden waiting for Jae and the girls. They never showed up so I got lots done! Hope you guys have a great time at the lake!

  3. Picnics, weddings, and projects sound like a good way to spend the summer! Oh, and a nice garden tour. Your arbor and fence look great!

  4. I love the white fence and arbor with the garden behind. (Reminds me of a great place for a tea party.)