Monday, July 2, 2007

Wild Lily?

Ron has the week of and borrowed a friends brush hog. Basically it cuts down the high grass and weeds. He had a blast riding his tractor, edging the fields and making paths. We took a big walk to check out his handy work and found this beautiful flower growing wild down by the creek. It is about five feet high and looks like some sort of Lily to me. The underside was dotted like a tiger lily but my photo didn't come out very good. The flower is growing down a bank and I was teetering trying to get the shot. What a gorgeous flower! I wish there were more to be found so I could snag one for the garden but since there is only one, I think I will just enjoy it on our walks.


  1. It's so pretty! Reminds me of a fountain. Maybe if you keep checking you'll find some seeds.

  2. It's hard to believe that lily is growing wild. It's gorgeous! You did well getting that nice photo in such a precarious position. What a lot of blooms it has.
    That was some job you and Apple had trying to get rid of that awful weed in your mom's rose garden. Hope you succeeded!

  3. That is a gorgeous plant! I hope it makes lots of babies so you can move one next year. Be sure to mark the spot in the fall.

  4. Collecting seeds and marking the stop are both great ideas!

    Kerri - I hope we got rid of the weed at Mom's as well!

  5. That's truly amazing, Countrygirl. I looked in my wildflower books but didn't see any native lilies this huge. Do they have the little bulblet-ball things like tigerlilies get where the leaf meets the stalk? When those ripen and fall they root and make new lilies. But all lilies don't do this.
    Well, you have one spectacular flower!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose