Sunday, July 15, 2007

July Bloom Report

I was just thinking that I need to sit down this winter and find flowers that bloom in July since there isn't a lot of color in some of my gardens right now. However, I do have some great blooms. Both these lily's were gifts from the prior owners. The first one is my favorite.

This is one of two dwarf hydrangeas I bought last year. This is the first time they have bloomed.

This is actually a bush. I had to look up the name on my planning's called Katherine Dykes.

I'm blanking on what these are called and I loaned my tell all flower book to a friend. I got them at a plant swap at the Garden Club and they spread like crazy! I like them though, they are different.

One of the hollyhocks. Last year they were all white and pale yellow. I am thrilled to see pinks this year. They look great by the barn.

The fever few in the back aways does great anywhere and is a nice filler. The yellow flowers are sun drops. The reason I took this shot is to show the marine bells (the blue flowers in front.) This is the first time I have had this annual and they have done great. They mounded nicely and I have them in full sun. It's been dry here and I haven't been watering them. They are one of my must haves now.
I love this little pink flower. The name when I bought it was "party girl." I wonder who gets to name the plants? Anyway, I love her. I wish she would spread but I get one plant every year.

The white hydrangea is huge this year. I love bringing the blooms inside. I keep saying I am going to dry some this year but I better get going on that one!

The patch of bee balm took off this year! It makes a great splash of color where everything else is green right now.


  1. My sundrops stopped blooming several weeks ago. Isn't that odd, since we are both in zone 5, right? All your flowers look great, and I see a lot in bloom! But like you I think my garden is a bit bland in July and want to plan for more blooms next year.

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Your garden looks great, your hydrangeas are doing great, nice patch of bee balm.

  3. Your flowers are a real delight. You've posted a lovely bunch of photos.
    The lilies in the second photo are the same as my lily, "Cleo". I love it! I posted pics of it last year and will post some this summer when it blooms.
    That first lily is gorgeous too.

  4. The funny little white flowers are called Goosenecks". (Don't know if that's one word or two.) I have them also and at first thought they looked like a weed. I wasn't sure I liked them but now I do. They are something not everyone has.

    I didn't get to stop anywhere in Oswego yesterday but will be back again Friday evening to pick my kids up from camp.

  5. There are a lot of blooms in your garden for blooms day this time. Lovely! I'm envious of your bee balm that looks stunning! I can't grow it here (too wet)without the plant getting attacked by fungus and milldew. sigh!

    BTW my blooms are up too, come and have a look at what I can grow. ;-)

  6. Hi Carol - I'm actually zone 4, always following in my sisters footsteps. Apple is the zone 5.

    Hi Iowa Gardening Woman and Yolanda Elizabet - thanks for visiting! I checked out both your blogs and enjoyed seeing your gardens. Hope you both come again.

    Thanks Kerri - I just wish I could take photos like you do!

    Hi Martha - You always save me on the plant names, thank you! I agree, at first I wasnt' crazy about the goosenecks but I have them toward the back of the bed so they blend in till they bloom and they they do add interest. Make a list of what I have in my garden that you don't have but like and someday we can meet in Oswego for a mini bloggers plant swap! I hate to see you buy things like the bee balm that I have so much of!

  7. This year is the first year in many I didn't have Powdery Mildew on my Bee Balm. The flower was correctly identified as Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysimachia clethroides). It is a nice plant but watch for it spreading. It's fall color is outstanding.

  8. You've got a lot of blooming going on there, CountryGirl - you had a long wait, but your garden has bounded ahead and it looks lovely.
    I think the name 'Party Girl' is the variety, and the flower is actually called Sidalcea. The silvery Lambs Ears make a nice background for the pink.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. I love your "Party Girl" she looks fun enough to liven up any party. Isn't it great to have feverfew? It fills in so nicely. I always miss it when it is gone. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  10. We like our pink hollyhocks, don't we? You have some wonderful stuff. Love the bee balm and the sidalcia "Party Girl". She's one of my favorites too!