Thursday, June 7, 2007

Perfumed Air

I've stated my hatred of the black locust trees that surround my property many times. They pop up everywhere. You pull one out and another takes it's place. I swear they grow a foot a week. Cut a root from an established tree and several new trees sprout. They are the last trees to leaf out. The flower petals cover everything. And let's not forget that they have thorns - ouch!

This is my third spring here and I'm not sure what is different this year but the flowers have never looked this pretty before. And over the weekend no matter where I went in my area the air was filled with a sweet perfume that we've never had before.

So they are good for something - every third year.


  1. Don't you love to walk outside and smell that perfumed air? It's been a very unusual spring so far for me too; things have bloomed that never did before and I'm loving it!

  2. You cracked me up at the "good for something - every third year." Our lilacs were really fragrant this year as well. I wonder if Lostroses has something and it's this spring. I will hope for every third year though. LOL