Monday, June 25, 2007

Busy Busy Garden Week

Our garden club, Gardening Friend's, had our regular meeting last Wednesday. In June we tour a couple of members gardens prior to the business meeting. This year we traveled to Richland, NY. In both gardens I found plenty of plants that I just gotta have! I also got some ideas about what plants look good together. It's fun to get out and see what others have actually done and get a chance to learn from them and other members. With our group there is always somebody ready with an answer to my unending questions!

I love this false indigo!

Bear's breaches - what a name. Sweet Home and Garden Chicago just had a picture of the flower for June Bloom Day, the first time I'd heard of this plant. I don't think either her picture or mine shows just how large the plant is. I found this great picture of the flower stalk.

Our meeting focused on our Garden Tour and plant sale which we had in Mexico, NY on Saturday. I bought lots of plants and still had money left to go out to lunch with Country Girl! I volunteered to be at one of the gardens which I don't think I'll do again. Country Girl worked the check-in table so we really didn't get to spend much time together until late in the day. Next time I'll work at the plant sale or something. We did abandon our posts for a bit to tour two of the gardens together and after a late lunch she drove down to my house to "tour" my garden. Plans are in the works for a sister's day this weekend!

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