Friday, May 4, 2007

Wild & RED

Yesterday I took a picture of the Trillium that I planted the year we moved here. I had heard tales of Red Trillium but I had never seen any before today. I was looking for the wild plant I remembered seeing last year in the scrubby area between our lot and the neighbors. I was certain that I had looked over the entire area last year but I guess not! You can see here that they don't show up well until you get close.

This is the plant I remembered being here. When I got close I saw some more clumps of white nearby.

I was quite surprised to see these as I walked toward the other clumps. I almost stepped on them!

I found a total of five red plants and several clumps of the white. I've heard that they don't transplant well so I will enjoy them where they are.

I'm not certain what these are. They have a pretty leaf. I'll keep an eye on them.


  1. What a treasure! You've got a nice blog! And I'm definitely in need of tips to help me remember where I'm putting everything!

  2. We had to drive to a local park to see white trillium in Illinois, but the red one appeared in one flower bed with other woodland native plants. My guess was that a seed came in with another plant, and I was thrilled to have it.

    You get to see both kinds right by your own house- lucky girl!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Wow, very beautiful red Trilliums. I have never seen one in real life but I don't go tromping through the woods very much as we have a lot of ticks around here. I don't want to get Lyme's disease. Great photos.

  4. I'd forgotten trillium. It used to be in surprising spots through the woods surrounding my grandparents summer house in the Berkshires. Thanks for the memories.