Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have flowers blooming at at last! My tulips are out. I also have violets that are blooming and the Spurge Apple showed you in her "A Little Behind" post.

One of my favorite plants are the bleeding harts. I have two of these and marvel at how delicate the flowers are.

Another of my favorites are forget me nots. I don't see them in many gardens but they remind me of being a kid. Mom didn't have many flowers around the house when we were growing up but she did have forget me nots. I am trying to get a mass planting of them but they don't seem to spread for me. I tried sowing seeds outside in the spring twice with no luck. If anyone has any ideas I would love the input! I may try seeds inside after I get the ones I already started planted. Apple was telling me as long as I get things planted in advance of the first frost, I will be OK. It's worth a try! I can not even believe I am talking about the the first frost already! Yikes!


  1. Hi Country Girl - it's about time you girls got tulips and spring flowers!
    I love that kind of bleeding heart, but it doesn't grow down here. Did you ever do the little trick where you flip the flowers over so they look like a tiny lady in an oldfashioned bathtub? I first read this in a Henry Mitchell book.
    When I lived in Illinois the forget-me-nots we grew were biennial... we planted the seeds outside in late summer, early fall and they made tiny plants. Some of them made it through winter, and those plants got large and flowered, went to seed, and the seeds started the next set of plants. They came up everywhere, but I don't know if it would work in your climate.

    Happy Bloom Day
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. My son planted a white bleeding heart in one of my gardens last year. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I remember the forget-me-nots, they ran the length of the back of the house. What ever happened to them? I have seeds, maybe we'll get them going here and move some north. I wanted them for the memory too.

    My bleeding hearts aren't blooming yet and I think I killed half my seedlings. :(

  4. Annie, Thanks for the tip on trying the seeds in late summer. I will give it a try! Funny you ask about the lady in the bath tub. The speaker at our garden club meeting last night had a bleeding heart and told a little story while he took it apart. He had a princess, two bunnies, and slippers! I have to play with them a little and see what I see. I have made the hollyhocks into the Southern Bell dolls with the big dresses.

    Martha - thanks for stopping again. I think I will add a white bledding heart at some point. I love them!

    Apple - It is funny all those forget me nots went away. Liz still has some on the side of her house that is next to Mom's. Maybe if we both try to get them going, we should end up with enough to share with each other in the end.