Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Bit of Progress

Every spare minute I've had lately (and there haven't been many!) has been spent in the garden. Four of the beds have been weeded and will need to be done again soon. I've painted the kero and propane tanks so I can get the new bed started. Several new plants have been set out and I've started wildflower seeds out in the clearing in the woods.

John took apart two of the corners from the old screen room. I think they'll make a great trellis set. I just want to touch up the paint a little and then get something planted. Maybe a couple of varieties of clematis?

My sister gave me three boxes of plants for the fund raiser on Saturday. And so far I've kept the other donations alive! She also gave me some chives and feverfew for my garden. :-)

I bought this hosta on ebay last year. It is called "Twisty," which I haven't found at Hosta library yet so I'm unsure of the "official" name. Twisty does seem appropriate. I'm disappointed that two of my hostas didn't come back this year. I really thought you couldn't kill a hosta.

The rhododendrons started blooming yesterday.

The pink azaleas are done. This coral colored one just started blooming. I love this bush and wish that I'd planted it on the other side of the house where we spend all our time.


  1. I like the trellis idea...very creative to use the pieces from the old screen room. They are very pretty and look great against the white. I love clematis', I wonder if they have come out with an everblooming variety yet? When things settle down a bit, I will have to stop for a garden tour.

  2. I like the trellis idea also, it's a great idea to give those end panels a new use. Your rhodie and azalea are beautiful and what an unusual hosta. Heck yes you can kill hosta, I do it all the time!

  3. Our two clematis grow on old black metal grills from discarded storm doors - but you salvaged four from the screen room - have fun planting twice as many clematis, Apple!


  4. My husband just "recycled" some old mahogany pieces to make a trellis for my clematis. (He's in the business of redeeming old trees and woods.) I love your recycling too.

  5. Ohh - You bought plants on ebay?! You are so brave! Do you do it often? Is there a trick to it? The hosta is beautiful - speaking of zone envy - hostas can't take the heat in my part of Florida. The grass is always greener, huh?