Monday, September 1, 2008

A Sisters Tea Party

Last weekend, Country Girl and her friend H hosted a Victorian Tea Party. The guest list included H's two sisters and their mother, Country Girl's friend D and her sister and me. I wore my yellow sundress that was completely inappropriate. The others were dressed in Victorian costume and when I arrived I was greeted as "Lady Apple." It took me a bit to get into character but it was great fun. We strolled the gardens, enjoyed delicious food and even made sachets.

This is the sight that greeted us as we arrived.
The path was created with sunflower heads.

Yards and yards of tulle and flowers everywhere.

The flowers made a lovely
backdrop for this beautiful tea set.

The tables were beautifully decorated.

H even brought her tea trolley.

H and her sisters.

We were treated to an assortment of sandwiches.
There were decadent desserts too!

It was great fun! Thanks for inviting me, Sis! I'm already planning my costume for next year in hopes that this is an annual event.


  1. How very pretty everything looks, including the ladies. The teaparty sounds like a really fun way to spend an afternoon. I'm sure you looked lovely in your yellow sundress, and were probably a lot cooler than the others :)
    I love the tea trolly, and those sandwiches look delicious.
    It's too bad vacation is over, but knowing you, Apple, I'm sure you're enjoying being back with the kids :)
    I hope we have a long, warm fall!

  2. You looked wonderful and I'm so glad you came! It wouldn't have been the same without you there. No promises on a tea next year but we will try. H is hearing the same thing from her sisters! LOL

  3. You need to take a look at the photo on an old blog of mine. ( My dear daughter and her friends have always loved dressing up and having tea parties. What a great sister idea! Even grown up little girls love to have fun.

  4. This post is totally coo-worthy Apple and CountryGirl! Love the pedestal holders for the goodies...and the sunflower walk is too cute. Did you grow the sunflowers just for this party?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Oh! What fun! Looks like you guys had a great tea party. Everything looks so beautifully decorated. Can't wait to see next year!

    I like your blog name :)

  6. You guys need to start your own red hat thing or something.... Look how cute you both are in those hats. (chuckle), it's a good chuckle, a cute one, not the picking fun kind. Just didn't expect it when I clicked the link. He he he...

  7. Looks like a lovely and very 'girlie' party! Very fun!

  8. You have a nice blog.Thanks for shareing.You guy's look really nice in pic :).Wishing you well

  9. Setting and tea party were beautiful! I love that everyone "dressed" for the occasion!

  10. This looks like a perfect tea party :)

  11. That looks like such a fun time!

  12. This looks beautiful. What a fun afternoon idea!